AOKP Milestone 5 für zahlreiche Android-Geräte

Nachdem in letzter Zeit zwischen jedem AOKP-Update immer weiter abnahm, ist soeben der fünfte Meilenstein der beliebten Custom-ROM erschienen. Hier der komplette Changelog:

updated to IMM76I
differences between IMM76D and IMM76I are ALL in the Galaxy Nexus kernel
we updated the Galaxy Nexus kernel to Faux’s 16m kernel by default, which incorporates the fixes from IMM76I
fixed long press home on navbar being on by default
fixed volume zoom playing sounds with video camera
made flash-off indicator visible in camera
AVRCP: fixed soft reboots with certain players
fixed brightness slider jumping when toggling auto-brightness
sped up opening of init.d tweaks in RC
added description to LED setting on RC to be clearer on what it does
it only changes the DEFAULT LED color. Apps may override it, and most do.
attempted to fix freezing clock yet again
fixed wifi icon being cut off
fixed color multipliers being doubled
new gamma ranges from -100 to 100 defaulting to 0
your kernel (if it supports gamma tuning) might have a different default, so just keep that in mind (60 was the previous default)
fixed small icons when airplane mode & wifi are enabled
added shortcuts to toggle torch & toggle navbar
that means you can add these to nav bar as regular actions or long press actions, click “Custom app”, scroll down to “System UI”, toggle nav bar & torch should be there.
You can also add these shortcuts to your desktop. They do NOT work correctly from the lockscreen, yet.
Fixed decrease lights in custom backlight settings
a500 renamed to picasso and updated
everything should work now except slow GPS lock times
Notes (read them!):
this change log is differences between build 34. If you’re coming from M4, you’ll need to read all the change logs from the builds between M4 and M5 (THERE ARE A LOT!)
When you flash themes or mods or kernels, keep in mind that they can change almost any aspect of the ROM and introduce bugs and inconsistencies if not properly packaged for AOKP or not properly updated for Milestone 5.
If you experience a bug after flashing a mod/theme/kernel, do a NANDROID (so you can return to it after testing!), re-flash AOKP and wipe, then test to see if the bug still exists. ONLY THEN REPORT IT TO THE BUG TRACKER.
we tried to smash as many bugs as possible, but no product is ever bug free. Feel free to report any bugs you experience to…97-bug-tracker/
NOT ALL DEVICES ARE MADE EQUALLY! Some device still have KNOWN bugs!
There are many devices which we support that aren’t as bug free as the Galaxy Nexus or other AOSP devices (such as the Nexus S)
That said, we try and incorporate fixes for all devices that we support from many sources (CyanogenMod, evervolv, Code Aurora Forum, other teams and individual contributors). We thank those teams for making their code open source and available for us to use so you can put AOKP on your device
below are the bugs we are aware of for specific devices
p4: Galaxy Tab 10.1” — no camera, rotating device causes a slight flicker, potential touch screen issues.
supersonic: camera works, panorama mode & video camera does NOT
galaxysmtd: I have read that it’s GPS doesn’t work 100%
inc: I have read that some people experience device instability and reboots. No one on the team has an incredible to test on, so we can’t confirm or deny this exists.
p999: g2x – browser crashes while switching to landscape, video recorder does not work, USB tethering does not work
p990: O2x – gps does not work at all, video recorder does not work, other potential inconsistencies, potential ROM Control FCs if language is set to anything other than english
pyramid: sensation – 480p video recording is broke (720, 1080 work fine), usb tether does not work
tenderloin: no camera
there may be more bugs that are unlisted, feel free to report them to the bug tracker


2.highly recommended: wipe data/factory reset in recovery – absolutely required if coming from another ROM or AOKP that is running Android 4.0.3
3.flash ROM
4.flash Gapps
5.reboot Download AOKP Milestone 5


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