MIUIv4 ICS 2.5.18 für HTC ONE X 1

MIUIv4 ICS 2.5.18 für HTC ONE X

MIUI HTC One X offizielle Beta mit Sense-Kamera erschienen

Hat ja doch ein Weilchen gedauert mit MIUI auf dem HTC One X – das Warten könnte sich für die MIUI-Anhänger jedoch gelohnt haben. Im Gegensatz zu CyanogenMod 9 beinhaltet diese Beta nämlich die großartige Sense-Kamera. Leider funktioniert im Moment die Nachbearbeitung nicht, wodurch dieser Vorteil noch gar nicht wirksam zum Tragen kommt- erstmal abwarten lautet die Devise.

1. Based on the official 1.28.707.10 official RUU production, the bottom drive stability.
2. Depth streamline ROM (597 MB-> 293 MB), reduce the download burden.
3. Keep original camera, photo album, radio, music, BeatsAudio sound.
4. All MIUI core application transplantation, ensure the syndrome of MIUI user experience.
5. All function normal operation, ensure daily use.
6. To provide support OTA, creating the perfect MIUI V4.[/tab][tab title=”Info”]1. MIUI music can also use BeatsAudio sound, need to shut down MIUI music equalizer, and open BeatsAudio sound.
2. Like BeatsAudio sound of the students don’t worry, we not only to retain the BeasAudio sound,
And still retain the related audio enhancement.
3. The original camera without pressure even pat. Like the pictures of the classmate, open beta version MIUI meet your even to shoot.
4. Power consumption and original ROM similar, basic guarantee to be able to use a day.


New text editor function for magnifying glass by long-pressing text will show highlighted words in preview pane
Optimisation to further improve interactive gestures in the text editor mode (will not display when the input box is empty when you press the cursor and optimise double-click selection criteria)
Fix volume key wake causes abnormal operations
Optimise text editor copy operations

Fix FC for three-way party calling in some cases (CDMA)
Fix in some cases leaving the call interface and attempting to return to call will not work and also lead to abnormal sensor feedback
Fix in some cases automatic IP prefix number is not displayed in the call interface
Fix service center number with area code, call list cannot be identified
Fix some models to make an emergency call in the emergency dialing interface
Fix clicking the call button to dial, ending call returns to desktop
Repair (CDMA) the green return to call bar shows the incorrect call time duration
Optimisation of displaying the back part of the name on the call interface when the name is too long
Optimisation of numbers before the cursor are deleted by long pressing on the delete key in the dial-up interface
Optimisation of the green return to call bar does not display call time until the call starts
[Lock screen, Status bar & Notifications]

Added quick entry to Calendar functions by opening status bar area and pressing on the date (left of screen) will directly open Calendar
Optimisation of screenshot notification, will no longer display more icons to the right of the status bar
Fix lock screen display delay issues
Added quick access to System Settings in status bar

Added new app switching animation transitions

Optimisation, MIUI v4 no longer supports the old theme packages
Optimisation – updated default theme preview
Optimisation – Support wallpaper scroll type, e.g. By Theme, Centre, Left or Right
Fix in some cases the list of available local themes shows duplicated items
Fix ringtone preview process, switching to another item / page does not stop the previous ringtone preview audio
Fix being unable to apply default theme status bar customisation
Fix problem changing theme, long press the power button the pop-up dialogue will not allow you to restart phone for theme changes to take effect

Fix cannot find partial match when searching for contact using Chinese input
Add support to set the Caller ID
Optimised contact details page to view contact details, such as name is too long and scrolls

Unable to repair new message search for contact number
Fix memory leaks result in some cases of the application slowing down or FC errors

Optimize UI details of photo when being used by other applications
Fix FC caused by flashlight setting error in shutter zero delay mode
Fix wrong status of flashlight button caused by switching application after selecting a specific scene
Fix description error of the image size (should be 800 000 pixels) caused by shutter zero delay
Fix description error of the image size (should be 800 000 pixels) caused by shutter zero delay

Fix playing song does not save bug
Fix problem with 4×4 widget does not sometimes refresh

Added support to directly set lock screen wallpaper from application
Optimisation to avoid constant decoding of 0byte files

Optimise the mute volume control panel volume intensity to indicate new setting
[Backup Manager]

Add support to setup automatic local backups (See Settings menu for more info)
Fix in some cases restoring desktop items cannot correctly display third-party widget / icons
[File Explorer]

Added search function (See menu)
Optimise load speed of file classification summary menu
Fix after all files are selected in the list, the menu still shows incorrect select all option
[Download Manager]

Optimise download waiting information – show if waiting for Wi-Fi connection or if the file is to be downloaded automatically
Fix data connection cannot resume correctly
Fix problems pushing file from PC to download, download complete status shows incorrectly
Fix problem downloading multiple files (batch)in some cases causes FC error

Optimise the address bar search functionality by splitting it away from the address menu
Optimise tab switching in order to not block the bottom of the toolbar
Optimise video playback in the browser control panel
Fix night reading mode, open a new page will show display flashing
[Alarm Clock]

Fix edit mode cross-slip still shows problems
Fix in some cases new alarm clock does not automatically enable
Fix Stopwatch interface issues with HTC ONE-X

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Screenshots Chinese Official MIUIv4 ICS 2.5.18 Public beta for ONE X

MIUIv4 ICS 2.5.18 für HTC ONE X 2

MIUIv4 ICS 2.5.18 für HTC ONE X 3

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MIUIv4 ICS 2.5.18 für HTC ONE X 5

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