[UPDATE: 25.6] TouchWiz Jelly Bean Addon 2.1 - S4 Edition 1

[UPDATE: 25.6] TouchWiz Jelly Bean Addon 2.1 – S4 Edition

This is an updated version of our TouchWiz Jelly Bean Addon. It was tested with Samsung Galaxy Nexus (maguro version) using CyanogenMod 10.1. It will probably work for other devices and ROMs as well but it has not been tested.

Do  not use TouchRecoveryProject as it tends to have problems with flashing icons.

Whats new in version 2

  • Android 4.2 compatible
  • TouchWiz launcher and widgets
  • Galaxy S4 apps as far as porting is possible
  • Galaxy S4 ringtones and notifications

Download TouchWiz Jelly Bean Addon 2.0 – S4 Edition

This version includes a modified touchwiz launcher, which was resized especially for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. May look odd on other devices, so you have been warned! Just kidding! If you need a version for other devices drop me line and I will try to help.

As always: flash at own risk. This has been tested and proven to be working on a Galaxy Nexus Maguro (not Toro!) WITH android 4.2 based ROMs – CyanogenMod 10.1 and Paranoid Android to mention two I tested recently. However, in theory it should work on any other 4.2 ROM and device.


Version 2.1: 25.6

  • changed launcher behaviour to  looping and no wallpaper scrolling (thanks to Omar1c)
  • added s4 boot animation
  • changed some icons to S4 correspondents


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Support Forum Jelly Bean Addon

Need help or would like to discuss the further development of this add-on? Join the official Support Forum by clicking the button below. Thanks!

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